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Training your horse to jump water

If you’ve ever ridden a green horse through a cross country course, you’re probably familiar with the term “early bath.” But don’t worry, nearly every horse has problems with it’s first water jump encounter.

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Former Olympic champion Mark Todd and his horse, NZB Land Vision, take home first place at the 2011 Badminton Horse Trials after an exciting finish. This was the fourth time Todd came home with the trophy, and is now the oldest winner in Badminton history. Mark finished at the top after the Cross Country with a clean round. He stated that NZB Land Vision “is still a relatively inexperienced horse. He felt pretty green in places and we had an anxious moment at the log in the bottom of the …

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Buying the Albion Kontact Dual

The Albion Kontact Dual is another impressive saddle coming from a long line of Albion saddles. If you decided that the Albion Kontact Dual is the saddle for you, you’ll need to make a few decisions. The saddle comes in two colors: black or chocolate (I personally think the chocolate is gorgeous!). The seat sizes range from 16.5-18. You can choose medium, narrow/medium, medium/wide, wide, and extra wide. You can buy the Albion Kontact Dual from Albion, or alternatively look for new or used saddles on eBay.
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Basic Saddle Fitting Guide

An ill-fitting saddle can cause pain and discomfort for your horse during riding which can lead to poor performance. Because of this, it’s vital that your saddle fit correctly. Advanced saddle fitting should be done by a professional, but you can use this guide to see if a pro is necessary.
Your horse should be standing squarely on level ground. Lay the saddle forward on the horse’s withers without a pad or girth. Tug the backwards and the saddle should feel like it “locks” in place. Many riders place their saddle …

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Badminton Horse Trials is Here!

The Badminton Horse Trials is one of the greatest and most exciting equestrian events of the year. Competing over three days with all three events, it’s recognized as a leader in challenging competition. This year, the Cross Country portion is taking place on April 24th, Easter Sunday. The course looks really tough this year, watch the walk through below or go to the Badminton Horse Trial’s website for more info.

The Trials are over! See who finished first here.

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Buying the Antares Cross Saddle

The Antares Cross Saddle is a great choice. With it’s soft leather, close contact, and comfortable seat, it makes a great choice of saddle for cross country riders of all skills.