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Cardiovascular Study in Cross Country Horses

Since 2000, non-traumatic (meaning no crashes) horse deaths on the cross-country have risen dramatically. Most of these horses died from EIPH (Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemmorrage) and ruptured aortas, but the causes for a large percentage of deaths is still unknown. To better understand these deaths and help prevent them, the United States Eventing Association is currently undergoing an extensive Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research study.

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What makes a saddle great for Cross Country?

Cross country events provide excitement and challenge, but as a rider becomes more advanced, it’s important to have a great saddle. One of the first things they learn – typically the hard way through trial and error – is that the design of the saddle has a definitive effect on the riding form, which can greatly help or adversely hinder the performance of both the horse and the rider. Let’s take a look at some of the more important aspects of a good cross country saddle.

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What is equestrian cross country?

Cross Country is one of the three stages of Eventing, where the horse and rider’s endurance, speed, and jumping skills are tested on a course of obstacles.